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By: Komplex | September 10th, 2009


Waaa waaa what? Free you say? Well indeed sir, there are a ton of free PC games out there. Unfortunately there’s also a lot of crap. I’ve been on a free game downloading spree since March and now I’ll share my list of games I think are worth your time and bandwidth.

FOR ME (my favorite of the bunch)
FOR YOU (Had fun playing it, but it’s not my favorite)
FOR EVERYONE (something real popular that just didn’t “do it” for me)

RPG category:
After stuffing my hard drive with mostly crap here are three I think that are worth trying.

FOR ME: Requiem: Bloodymare – Right off the bat this game perked my interest. I mean, wow you need to confirm your age just to enter the website! Now we’re talking. I wasn’t let down when it came time to play for the first time either, rich environments, interesting creatures, auction house, bank, guilds, PvP etc. Its like WoW only for adults! (Well maybe no quite). It is a very fun game and after telling a few friends about it I soon had 5 of them just as addicted as I was. It also has a very cool purchase system. Instead of real cash you can buy in game items using points, you can get these points by filling out surveys or completing offers with their marketing partner Peanutlabs. So after 20-30 mins of fake emails, names, and opinions given I had a cool mount and a neat costume. There are a few draw back to the game:
- Instances are kind of boring and have the same 3 creatures per instance.
- Once you hit level 40 all the quests seems to get real boring and repetitive.
- Besides killing nightmare creatures and PVP end game is also boring.
However if you’re looking to pass the time until WoW: Cataclysm gets here, I’d recommend trying it out.

#2 FOR YOU: Runescape – Now granted I had fun playing this, though to be honest it felt a lot like WoW. However as I progressed I had the sinking feeling that if I didn’t spend any money on the game I wouldn’t have a good time. It seemed to me that most of the players running around had spent money on the game and were having a much better time then myself. Also the start zone was a little crowded and I played the waiting game on mobs and some ore/wood respawns. All in all I really didn’t give this game a thorough play through. I just couldn’t make myself play it more then 5-6 hours before my mouse ended up over the uninstall icon.

#3 FOR EVERYONE: Maple Story – Ok ok listen, before you say something like “I’m not downloading that crappy Korean game to play with a bunch of gold farmers”. Or some other similar remark, let me remind everyone that the game has changed a lot in the past year. True you can still pay real cash for in game items and bonuses, but there seems to be an influx in truly “free” players which puts you on an even level with a lot of other players in the game. All in all if you can get past the very cartoonish feel or enjoy anime then I can suggest the game. if you’re coming from WoW, just skip this one…

MY VOTE: Requiem: Bloodymare

FPS Category:
Granted I only tried about 6-7 free FPS games but here are my favs (ps I don’t want to see comments on how AA should be here, the game sucks, get over it).

#1 FOR ME: CrossFire – After downloading this game in March and being blown away that it was completely free, I then proceeded to start downloading other free games to see what else was out there and what I was missing. A little about this game? Well it’s your standard shooter (noobs, pros, and hackers). It has a neat in game point and leveling system that earns you not only EXP point but GP points that you can use to purchase some of the 40 guns they have. It also has some cool game modes (ghost mode = sweet). You can also throw down some real cash and buy special guns and different skins. Spending money does give you a slight advantage but all in all it’s not very noticeable. Having gotten “into” the game myself I joined a clan and do clan matches through their in game clan match system and also through their clan tournaments. In case anyone cares you can look at my profile here

#2 FOR YOU: WolfTeam - Jigga whhaa? Wolfteam? Let me guess its a FPS shooter that has wolves in it? Actually yes, that’s exactly what wolf team is all about. It’s basically a FPS in which you can turn into a werewolf for melee combat and do crazy stuff like run on walls, and jump like you were in the X-Games. I enjoyed this game for a few reasons. #1 the cool wolf only modes (a bunch of different werewolf types to pick from). #2 You can spawn with a mobile turret that you can basically setup anywhere and mow down your opponents with. Some of the cons of this game would be the dated graphics and weird rules on ping (turns out if your ping isn’t in the same sync or range as the rest of the players you get auto booted). But still a fun game when you want a break from CoD.

#3 FOR EVERYONE: Battlefield Heroes – Like team fortress did ya? Fans of the Battlefield series? Well I have the game for you! I’ll admit BH was pretty fun at first, I started during the beta, so there were only a few maps and everyone was pretty much a noob. However as the game progressed I found myself more and more annoyed by the overpowered snipers and the people who actually spent money on the game. It seems like if you really want to own at the game you have to be pro (like most games) or just spend a crap ton of money. The lack of maps and the unbalanced maps also got on my nerves over time. But come on, I mean coooommmee ooonnn. It’s a free game and it’s can be very fun. Soooo don’t let me neg you out on trying it. I think its worth your drive space to try out and I think you should. So pause your torrents and do it up.

MY VOTE: Crossfire

Here is a brief list of the free games I’ve reviewed. Let me know if I missed any gems:

Dungeon and Dragons Online
Ace online
War Rock
Combat Arms
Sudden Attack
Solider Front
America’s Army
Battlefield heroes

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    Check out Anarchy online, used to play it as a kid. VERY NICE GAME! Unfortunately, you might not find too much about it on the net, since it has died a little.

  2. Nexuiz-Fan

    Don’t forget Nexuiz. Free and open-source FPS which works with windows, linux, and Mac.

  3. Eschatos

    Requiem: Bloodymare was one of the worst MMOs I have ever had the displeasure of playing, as well as having a terrible name.

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